Conservatory Designs

Conservatory Designs

We have a range of conservatory designs available including Edwardian, Victorian, Lean to and Orangeries, which can suit a variety of properties.

Orangery Experts

Orangery Experts

As specialist conservatory and orangery experts, we can create a range of designs so you can find something that is suitable for your property.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatories

A Victorian conservatory is usually a hexagon or octagon shape that leads the home onto the garden and usually make from glass and UPVC.

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Conservatory Design

Our professionals can find you the perfect conservatory design that can help improve any home. As experts we have a range of designs and styles available that can transform a home, whilst giving you the extra space you may require. Conservatories are very popular across the UK as they give an additional living space that can enjoyed by everyone, all year round. We have a range of styles, materials and technology available so you are always sure to discover the glasshouse that would fit your homes current aesthetics. 

If you would like to receive more information regarding the conservatory designs for your home improvement, speak to us today. Our nearby conservatory specialists can give you the necessary details to help you find exactly what you're looking for for a home improvement. Just fill in the enquiry form provided and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian conservatories are great for a range of properties as they offer an extra living space in a contemporary design. Edwardian conservatories differ from the Victorian styles due to the modern finish which look great with new properties or older homes looking to make a statement. These glasshouses also are in a square or rectangular shape, making it simple to furnish. The Edwardian conservatories come in a variety of styles and colours, including traditional glasshouse frames as well as wooden, timber designs. If you would like to see the Edwardian conservatory designs that we have available and to talk to one of our experts, fill out the contact form provided. We can provide you with all the details you will need to ensure you that you're getting a home improvement that will be suitable for you. 

Victorian Conservatory Near Me

A Victorian conservatory is a type of glass room which can be added to your home to create an extra space. These glasshouses are usually hexagon or octogan shape that lead onto you your garden. These are very popular home improvements for properties across the UK as they do not require planning permission and could be installed quickly and easily. As victorian conservatory specialists, we are fully qualified to perform the build to a high standard which are long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to use your Victorian conservatory for an extra living space, dining room or any other purpose, we may find you a design that is perfect for your home. We could create a bespoke Victorian conservatory design which can adjust in size and shape to meet your desires. 

If you would like to receive some more information regarding the Victorian conservatory get in touch with us today. Our local specialists are able to give you all the necessary details that will help you find the designs that would suit you. As a fully qualified Victorian conservatory team, we understand that you want to find a trusted home improvement supplier and installer that will give you a high quality service. We will give you all the answers to any questions you have if you fill out the contact form provided. 

Lean to Conservatory 

A lean conservatory is a rectangular, flat angled structure that sits alongside the back of a home. The roof slants downwards which gives the appearance that it is leaning. These conservatories can be used as a storage area as well as an extra living space. There are a variety of lean on conservatory designs that we could offer you which can be suitable for all homes closest to you. If you're looking for a small added feature or a large home upgrade, our lean on conservatory professionals can handle the job for you. 

What is an Orangery 

An orangery is half way between a glasshouse and a home extension. These are usually created using more substantial materials such as bricks and plaster. Depending upon the sort of home improvement you are looking for, the orangery may be a great option for you. Our designs integrate an orangery within the rest of the home which makes it feel like a small extension rather than a conservatory, which can be appealing for many individuals near me. The orangery is usually a square or rectangular shape that can come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. If you would like to learn more about the orangeries we can offer you contact us today. 

Conservatory Roof

There are a wide range of conservatory roofs available to suit a variety of properties. The roof of a glasshouse is usually glass, which can have blinds installed to block out the sun and insulate the room. However, there are other options available including tiled and UPVC roofs which can give a different overall finished look to the property. When deciding upon your conservatory roof, we always recommend looking at the current aesthetics of your home to find the design that would be most suitable. Some roofs we have to offer may be better suited to some homes than others, which is why we can help you find the best conservatory design that would be appropriate for the surrounding area.

Whether you're wanting a ceiling that will insulate the building or have an aesthetically pleasing roof, we are able to give you exactly what you're looking for. Each style roof will have different costs and benefits depending upon what you are wanting to achieve from the home improvement. To receive an accurate quote for each roof we offer, fill out the enquiry form above. Our conservatory design experts will be able to talk you through the prices as well as the installation process to ensure you get what you're searching for. 

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Speak to our professional conservatory design experts to find out more information today. We're able to talk you through the process of design and installation to find you the style of conservatory that will suit your requirements. Whether you require a Victorian conservatory, Edwardian conservatory or lean on conservatory, we can provide you with exactly what you are searching for. As specialists, we carry out all our installations to a high standard, using good quality materials to guarantee you a long lasting, worthwhile finish. Simply fill in the enquiry form provided to learn more information and to talk to our team. 


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